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April 8, 2012

Happy Easter To All You Pagans Out There

Like most Christian holidays, Easter originated as a pagan celebration.  One of the most prevalent origin stories goes that it began as a celebration of the goddess Ēostre (who has other names depending on the ancient culture studied), and was essentially in honor of the fertility of the earth, which is renewed each springtime. 

The egg, the chick, the rabbit, the flowers, they are all fertility symbols and are much older than the Christian symbols also associated with the holiday. Easter's celebration has often been marked by sexual vigor, as is still prominent in the pre-Lent Carneval and Mardi Gras festivals and the phallic symbolism of the May pole and the cross.

We are celebrating the coming back of life - of plants and wild animals returning from their winter slumber - not the ridiculous story of a man rising from the dead three days after being murdered by his critics.  This common sense deduction makes more sense than the story of Jesus' demise, and is backed by fact.  

Here is a link to some videos. I'm not going to go through them and try to find the most convincing ones in an attempt to spoon feed the reluctant idiots any more truth.  I'm tired of trying to convince stone heads on a daily basis.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!!