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February 17, 2012

"The Conditioned" - A Work In Progress

We were not asked to be born.  We did not choose our gender, our physical attributes, our creed, or our name.  From the day we entered this world, each one of us has been controlled and directed.  We were told what to do and what not to do, explained how to differentiate right from wrong.  We were instructed to communicate using the words of a language.  Through parenting, relationships, the education system, the media, we were conditioned and guided, manipulated and controlled.  We are all victims of some form of conditioning that, with time, and depending on each of our own personal experiences and development, has made us into the human beings we are today.

Now we are all part of a global awakening that is occurring as we breathe - a new dawn.  It will not occur in the blink of an eye, but like the rising of the sun, it is a gradual light that will eventually overcome the vast darkness that plagues our beautiful planet.  We cannot be afraid of what we see when the true nature of life presents itself to us.  Like those living in Plato's cave, we are unaware of the truth. 

Each one of us has changed throughout the course of our lives.  We started as babies and developed into the body, mind, and spirit that exists now.  The one thing that has not changed, well, for most of us, is our name.  The name is the first form of control.  It is the root of the ego.  It inhibits our spiritual growth and development, harboring the godliness that lives within.  It is our first possession - the root of greed.  My name is me.  My name is mine. 

We become attached to our vision of who we our which begins as a seed, through the name.  The ego develops as we become praised and scolded.  Each of us is taught a certain set of information, a moral code, a goal standard, a way of being, and if we go against that, we are taught to feel shame and guilt.

Language is another way in which human beings are controlled.  Throughout human development, language is provided as a set of rules and formulas, all as the human spirit longs to be free.  Our minds are restricted by the words that we know.  Words are merely a set of symbols linked together by a set of formulas.  Our name is a word that at first has no meaning.  Our ego is our self contrived definition of the first word we were ever given.

As we progress, words begin to be linked together to form sentences, initially to describe emotions or senses perceived by the physical body.  Through development, sentences start to represent the happenings within the mind. The better we use words and sentences, the more we are praised and told that we are smart, and vice versa.  The ego develops accordingly.

Eventually, through a long series of conditioning we becomes me - a being made up of physical and mental material.

But we the people are more than mind and body.  We are also made up of spirit.  Whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, or even an atheist, you have a spirit in search of something.  A thriving spirit that longs for freedom, for progress, for change.  We all pick our vices and battles to calm and quench this thirst.  We choose our distractions.  We allow our attention to be taken.  We give away our minds at time, and at other times sell it to the highest bidder.  Other times, we do the same with our bodies.

It's sad how we have progressed as a species.  We started as a being only capable of love and fear.  We have developed a whole host of emotions related to the first two.  More often than not, fear is suppressed love.  As a child, we would run and feel the joy just in the action of it.  Eventually we ran off from our parents and were scolded to some degree.  This taught us to fear something that once brought us joy - that made us feel love.  Our spirit has been continually suppressed by similarly induced fears.  So the reality is, maybe we are all, by nature, only made up of love.

Now, many of us cannot separate from the ego.  We will engage in minor conflict to protect our ego.  We will turn to hate and hostility as a result of our ego.  We are our ego, and the series of implanted rules, values, possessions that it holds dear, all of which are merely products of a lifelong series of conditioning.

We have to move past the ego and back to the natural self, one of pure love.  We cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into hate and conflict.  We cannot give up on who we are.

Some of us will read this, and although they agree with it, they will dismiss it as utopian thinking that is impractical or impossible in modern times.   I do the same thing all the time.  I am a hypocrite.  I am apathetic.  But through FugginSuggin.com, I strive for better.  FugginSuggin.com is the utopian version of "me." 

How many of you have felt the liberated freedom of visiting a foreign country?  Walking around aimlessly with a lightness in your step and a feeling of happiness that comes from an unidentifiable source.  It is the letting go of your ego induced restrictions that gives you that feeling.  Being in a room filled with the sound of an unknown language is comforting, in it leaves you to your mind's wonderment.  We can all feel that everyday.

We should never pretend to know the mysteries of the spirit and the universe.  We should strive toward love as our guiding force, knowing that there is no value in any knowledge or understanding that is sought without love as the goal.

And it is understandable that many will eagerly dismiss an individual who talks of good and evil, of the power of love over hate.  These words are concepts that we each identify with in a certain way based on our conditioning.  No matter how the evils of organized religion have affected you, it is necessary to talk in these terms, as there is a conflict between good and evil that is occurring throughout this world, and likely, within each one of us.

Strive for good.  Let go of your ego.  Embrace the moment and stay open, rather than closed.  That is what I want for myself and for all of you.  These are the baby steps necessary to shed the conditioning.