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November 16, 2011

Pathetic and Gross Breakup of Occupy Wall Street

You can always tell who came to start a riot by how they dress.
The Occupy Wall Street home base in Zuccotti Park was violently cleared by the New York Police Department this week after over two months of 24/7 occupation.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided to stage a middle of the night raid on the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  Occupiers were apparently permitted to reenter the park in the morning.

City officials around the country are moving to disband Occupy Wall Street encampments, allegedly justifying there actions with concerns over  health and public safety.  Many believe that this is a coordinated effort by city administrators around the country in order to quash the movement as media attention wains.  As this occurs, protesters have begun to erect more tents on college campuses around the country.

If you know this officer, please email us.
To a strange degree, it is exciting that the Occupy Wall Street movements are being disbanded by violent and militarized police.  Just as nationwide zeal was starting to subside, these raid reminds the nation where the movement started and why it exists in the first place.  With more military joining the movement, it is inevitable that local law enforcement will eventually see the bigger picture.

I don't even know what to say anymore to the sleeping masses who still do not understand the motivation behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.  The problems with our system are so glaringly apparent, for me at least, that I cannot even fathom how anyone could even ask the question, "why are they protesting?" 

Look at how our politicians use their positions to line their own pockets rather than help the citizens that voted them into office.  Look at how the tax system  has been manipulated throughout history to increase the gap between rich and poor.  Look at the power wielded by multinational corporations.  Look at all the bullshit lies that were told to get public support for the wars we are in which kill thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians.  Look at how we use remote controlled planes to kill these people indiscriminately.  Look at the police state we are living in where everything is controlled by the militarized law, with no room for reason. Look at the cop to the right and his hideous hateful face. Just step away from any ignorant patriotic propaganda and look at U.S. foreign and domestic policy and you cannot help but realize that there is so much wrong.  Everyone should be up in arms over our current socioeconomic and political system.  

They cannot shut down the truth.  They cannot remove a realization.  It is time for the people to rise up.  Wake the FUGG UP!!  Wake up everyone around you.  Spread information like it is your job!