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October 4, 2011

Alex Jones Rants Against the Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations - Starts Occupy the Fed

Occupy'ers on the Brooklyn Bridge
The Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York City is in its third week of occupation and protest, and the movement has inspired many solidarity efforts to rise across the country and the worldNumerous big names have spoke out in support of the movement, including Michael Moore, Roseanne Barr, Susan Sarandon, Noam Chomsky, and Dr. Cornel West. One person remained elusive on the issue despite the many protesters interested in hearing from him - Mr. Alex Jones.  Finally, this past Sunday, Alex taped a broadcast from the side of the road to speak on Occupy Wall Street.

Alex modestly started his broadcast:  "A lot of times, I come on air months and months and months ahead of something big happening, and predict it.  But then other times, big events begin to unfold and I sit back for a few weeks and don't really give you my take on it, because I'm busy really letting the information stew in my own mind and really studying the situation before I voice my, not opinion, but my well researched view on something.  And that is what I'm gonna tell you here right now."

Alex continued for over an hour in his usual long-winded-rant-style about how the Occupy Wall Street protest is a globalist established socialist revolution, originally orchestrated (or misdirected) by the likes of George Soros -linked groups and operatives.  His evidence for this assertion, like many of his theories, is merely circumstantial - its because of all the media attention that Occupy Wall Street has received when his equally large End the Fed rallies received no mainstream media coverage.  WAAAHHHH!!! What a baby?!

Instead of unifying his fan base by supporting the striving anti-corporatocracy movement, one that is much akin to Alex's philosophies,  he uses his voice as a destructive and dividing force and insults many of the participants in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, referring to them as "totally empty headed zombie-like people," and accusing the "well meaning" participants of being arms of Barack Obama and the democratic party.

Occupy Wall Street protester calling for an End to the Federal Reserve
On numerous instances, Alex flips his lid over the Occupy Wall Street demonstration, at one point going into an aggressive tirade: "Get it through your heads!  We cannot let the dirty little Commies, funded by Soros and the rest of them, run around and take over the revolution of End the Fed and going after the globalist that we started, just like the Republicans tried to coop the damn Tea Party!!"  Don't be so bitter, Alex!  Finally, Alex calls for his own Occupy the Fed movement.  Who's hijacking now?? 

As you can probably tell, we're not the biggest Alex Jones fans.  While we appreciate his diligent efforts promoting truth and critical thinking, he is a polarizing figure who generalizes and hypothesizes based on minimal factual information or evidence,  and he is constantly touting himself and obnoxiously promoting his product line and previous predictions.  Rather than using his popularity and position to support the movement with guidance, he uses it to berate the efforts and to further divide an already disjointed group.

We do agree with one thing Alex says.  The Occupy Wall Street movement should have focused substantially on the Federal Reserve system, and still should, rather than on the idea of Wall Street as a whole.  There are many publicly traded companies that should not be blamed for or associated with the economic problems in the United States and the rest of the world.  The root cause of our failing economy is the global central banking system and the debt policies that it has created.

In the United States, our central banking is controlled by the Federal Reserve system, a privately owned institution of money creation, independent from the U.S. government and accountable to nobody.  The farther you travel down the rabbit hole of information about the Federal Reserve banking cartel and the global banking system, the more you will see that most of the evils in the world relate back to global finance, specifically the Federal Reserve system.

The organizers of the various grass roots movements around the country should focus more on ending the Federal Reserve system, instead of attacking capitalism as a whole, and Alex Jones should use his position to benefit and educate these motivated and "well meaning" participants instead of slandering them and contemptuously working to divide their efforts.