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June 8, 2011

We Must Do Something to End the Police State

Miami Police shot up a vehicle and its occupant in the middle of a crowded neighborhood this past Memorial Day weekend because they thought the driver was armed. Several people filmed the incident, one of them being West Palm Beach resident Narces Benoit, who captured the entire episode with his cell phone (video above from YouTube).  Police then “put guns to our heads and threw us on the ground.” According to Benoit, one officer handcuffed him, grabbed his phone, “smashed” it on the ground, and then put it back in Benoit’s pocket.  Read the story at Reason.com.

Citizen ignorance of the law sometimes allow the police to get away with more than they otherwise would.  We have discussed filming officers, as well as knowing your rights and surviving police encounters, but the above video by Reason.com discusses recording officers' actions in more depth.

It is about time that we limit the authority given to police officers.  They cannot and should not operate as judge, jury and executioner.  They consistently over step their boundaries, intimidate hard working citizens, and use excessive, and often unnecessary force.  It should be required that they are further educated in civics, ethics, and the legal field, so that they have more respect for the law that they are paid to uphold.