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May 18, 2011

Pentagon and its Child Pornography Problem

Anderson Cooper reported earlier this year of a four-year international investigation into the backers of hundreds of child pornography websites which resulted in findings that approximately 5,200 Pentagon employees purchased child pornography.

The 2006 Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation, known as Project Flicker, identified some 30,000 customers in 132 countries, led to hundreds of American convictions, and landed many members of the ring running the sites in Eastern European jails.  According to John Cook of Yahoo News Blog, "The Upshot", the vast majority of those investigated, including an active-duty lieutenant colonel in the Army and an official in the office of the secretary of defense, were never charged. On top of that, 212 people on ICE's list were never investigated at all (here's Cook's follow up piece).

You can check out the redacted investigation report here.  After reading this story and other recent news revelations, think about how power corrupts, and ask yourself, why wasn't this a bigger news story?