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May 25, 2011

Obama Brings 'Beast' and His Own Water on United Kingdom Trip

The Obama family is in Great Britain, and there has been some interesting news pertaining to their visit that will be featured in a segment that we call the FugginSuggin News Rundown:

The president's armored car--nicknamed the Beast--got stuck as it tried to leave the U.S. embassy in Dublin.  Specially built by GM (Government Motors) the car called the GM.N vehicle has its own oxygen supply in case of chemical attack and puncture resistant, run-flat tires reinforced with Kevlar, but none of this helped in overcoming the might of a lowly speed bump.  Beast my ass!!

Speaking of the oh-so-tough "Beast," the armored limousine arrived with six other vehicles and police escort at a BP station on Vauxhall Bridge Road during the president's state visit to London.  Workers at the station, who at first did not realize who the car belonged to, said the presidential entourage spent £350 in total between seven cars at the station.  I guess the crew didn't think that people would be upset over their patronage of British Petroleum, even in light of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  

President’s security team has raised eyebrows at Buckingham Palace after insisting on bringing their own bottled water.  White House staff told the Queen’s household that they could not risk President Obama touching a drop of London tap water – or even the palace’s own bottled mineral water.

In what is being coined by the mainstream media as a  “historic” address to the British Parliament (being that Obama is the first U.S. President to address the Parliament in the grand setting of Westminster Hall), President Obama insisted that even while a new world order was being shaped, the US, Britain, and their allies would continue to play an essential role in bringing peace and prosperity to the world.