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May 16, 2011

Article Recommendation - "The Producers" by Alva Noë

"But in an age when everyone is a picture-maker, and every situation a photo-op, there is the danger that we tend to become, one and all, producers. We look at things with a detached eye. We approach life with the lasciviousness of a wedding planner, rather than, say, with the party-hard engagement of one of the guests. There are other dangers as well: we come to think of ourselves as we would like to be photographed." ~Alva Noë, "The Producers", NPR.com

Author, professor, and philosopher, Alva Noë, has published a short and well thought out article entitled The Producers on NPR.com that gives his perspective of a social phenomena caused from our era of modern technology and digital photography.  I think he makes a lot of sense and his assertions are worth consideration (especially if you are one of those picture obsessed people that cannot remain content in the moment and feel the need to constantly document your existence in photographs).    

"In a world in which we — all of us — stage events with an eye to how they photograph, pictures become, in a sense, the arbiter of what happened, or, at least, of what matters to us about what happened. It is almost as if we feel that, if not for the pictures, there would not have been a wedding, or a school-room performance, or — to return to our theme from last week — a gunning-down in an Abbottabad bedroom. We feel this, even if we know it isn't true."~Alva Noë, "The Producers", NPR.com