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May 25, 2011

Apple Linked to Freemasonry???

On the left, the Mac App Store Logo, on the right, a depiction of the Freemason Logo

Anyone else notice the similarities between the Mac App Store logo and the Masonic square and compass logo of the Freemasons

Apple does have some ties with Freemasonry. Stephen "Woz" Wozniak co-founded Apple Computer, Inc. (now Apple Inc.) with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Although Wozniak permanently ended his full-time employment with Apple on February 6, 1987, he still remains an employee (and receives a paycheck) and is a shareholder.  He also maintains connections with Steve Jobs.  Wozniak is reportedly a sworn member of the Freemasons, initiated in 1980 at Charity Lodge No. 362 in Campbell, California.

With Apple continuing to dominate the tech industry (and getting attention for possible violations of personal privacy), more people are growing skeptical of the company and their intentions, leading to the publication of videos and posts analyzing all things related to the company, especially any relationship to Freemason symbolism.  Here are the few that I came across:
Despite the skepticism and criticism regarding Apple, its difficult to argue that the company produces the highest quality computer technologies out there. Right now, I am typing away on my shiny aluminum MacBook, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Feel free to email Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller, with any questions regarding the logo, as allegedly, he answers emails.