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March 30, 2011

What's Fueling the Uprisings in the Middle East?

First, we heard that Facebook was the catalyst to the Egypt revolution, an uprising that forced the end to Hosni Mubarak's 30 year reign.  Next, Muammar Gaddafi claimed the protesters who have seized control of much of the east of Libya, the country he has ruled for 41 years, were fueled by milk and Nescafe spiked with hallucinogenic drugs.  The latest in the strange blame game comes from Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, who has blamed "conspirators" for two weeks of anti-government protests that have shaken his nation and put at jeopardy presidential control of the nation that has been occupied by him and, previously, his father, for over 30 years.   With revolutionary protests escalating across the Middle East, it is interesting to question what is really fueling the "rebels".
I know it is taboo to say anything remotely negative about Israel in the United States, but hasn't each of the previously mentioned Middle Eastern administrations recently (and historically) had issue with our brothers in arms (or father as some argue) in the Middle East?  Research the history of relations between Israel and the countries of Egypt, Syria, and Libya, and you will see that the targeted leaders of these countries all have one thing in common - they recently pissed off Israel, who they weren't really close with to begin.  While some may point to the fact that Israel was outspoken regarding the support of Mubarak, the former Egyptian dictator recently spoke out against Israel once again this past December during most recent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

So was it really Facebook, hallucinogenic coffee, or a grand conspiracy that has led to outcry and upheaval across the Middle East?  Do your own research.  I've already said too much.  Nobody wants to end up on the other end of America's modern day McCarthyism (like Helen Thomas).