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December 23, 2010

A Culture Soaked in Nostalgia

"The newest thing that I'm aware of in popular culture is rap, and that's 30 years old. Everything new in the world is technology. There's tremendous innovation in technology. It's almost as if we humans cannot do two things at once. We have these really new machines, but we're going to use them for really old stuff. We live in an era of collage, where people take a little bit of that, and a little bit of this. And that doesn't make something new. It's just that I feel it's the job of young people to do new things, and they're not doing their job. They should be irritating me more." ~Fran Lebowitz

Within the HBO Documentary "Public Speaking," the brilliantly candid Fran Lebowitz casually remarks that "the [American] culture is soaked in nostalgia," an astute observation of U.S. society specifically applicable to 21st century popular culture.  Ms. Lebowitz makes a great point with her assertion and it is worth exploring the degree to which our culture is infatuated with the past and the glorification of history.

With anything from sports, to entertainment, to social norms and mores, our cultures' progression is inhibited by an obsession with the past.  Just take a glimpse at upcoming movie trailers, turn on the radio or TV, or think about customs and traditions and you will see that we are infatuated with past developments, resulting in diminished creativity and a lack of new inventions unrelated to technological development.

Public Speaking, directed by Martin Scorsese, has been airing on HBO since mid November and will continue until the end of 2010, so catch it if you can.