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December 13, 2010

COPS - Juiced Up In Jersey

An officer in the Passaic County Sheriff's Department
A seven-month Star-Ledger investigation utilizing court documents, prescription records, and in-depth interviews with the physician’s employees evidences that the late Dr. Joseph Colao of Jersey City ran a prosperous illegal drug enterprise that supplied anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, and other muscle-building prescriptions to hundreds of law enforcement officers and firefighters throughout the state of New Jersey.

In most cases, the officers or firefighters used their government issued health plans to pay for the substances. Evidence gathered by The Star-Ledger report suggests that the total cost to taxpayers reaches into the millions of dollars.  And who do you think will cover the cost of their disability when the side effects of steroids and growth hormones catch up to them?

In just over a year, records show, at least 248 officers and firefighters from 53 different agencies used Colao’s practice to obtain "performance enhancing drugs," some of which have been linked to increased aggression, confusion and reckless behavior.

Six of those patients — four police officers and two corrections officers — were named in lawsuits alleging excessive force or civil rights violations around the time they received drugs from him or shortly afterward.

Others have been arrested, fired or suspended for off-duty infractions that include allegations of assault, domestic abuse, harassment and drug possession. One patient was left nearly paralyzed after suffering a stroke his doctor attributed to growth hormone prescribed by Colao.

Read the full story (as paraphrased above) and keep your eyes out for unusually jacked up police officers like the ones pictured above.  Use of illegal or prescription muscle-building drugs is more prevalent than you'd think amongst police officers.   And next time you're in New Jersey, be wary of "Roid Rage" when asserting your rights in a police encounter.