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January 15, 2012

Football Fuggin Suggs

Its been a minute since Fuggin focused on one person or group.  Today I've reached a boiling point, as its Sunday and as I sit here reading about real world issues and problems, all I hear is people cheering at television sets and acting the fool over a pointless game played by grown men.  This game is a waste of all of your time and energy (as well as all organized professional games/sports in general). 

Hey - all of you sitting on your asses and rooting for over-sized and over-padded men to run back and forth across a rectangular field, let it be known that Football Fuggin Suggs!!!!  Why does it fuggin sugg?  Well, for starters, there are far too many commercial breaks, the amount of time spent on action is far less than the time spent on inaction, and oh did I mention the constant over celebration?!?  These players will celebrate any small gain, block or tackle, huh?  And the number one reason that football suggs is the overzealous fans.  You have learned far too much watching these NFL players celebrate meaningless feats of athleticism.  Man, I cannot stand this game.  Football, you are fuggin suggin.  Enjoy everybody, and no, I am not watching "the game."