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October 13, 2010

Vote For Fuggin Suggin '10

Election time FUGGIN SUGGS.  First off, if you trust the electoral system, especially after 2000, you deserve to get hit in the head with a tack hammer.    Second, it doesn't matter who gets in because the U.S. political system of "representative democracy" is so inherently flawed and so outwardly corrupt that no matter what a candidates' election platform may be, there is no guarantee that their position on the "issues" won't take a complete 180 once they get into office.   What is the reason for this?  Money will always control.  Wake up.  A vote for a "Democrat" or a "Republican" is a vote for the continuation of our polluted system of government.  So, don't bother looking at the candidates or their views on the issues, just write in FugginSuggin.com if you want to vote. 

Speaking of "polluted," now that I'm posting, I might as well mention that the moratorium on deep water offshore oil and gas drilling has been lifted, over a month earlier than expected.  Not so fast on the celebration big oil, there are actually 'rules' now, so you can't just go out there with a huge rigger all willy-nilly.    Anyway, so long ocean, you were once beautiful and clean, but like everything else, big government will soil you for the ages.  The European Union also rejected a ban on offshore drilling this week.  Who spearheaded the EU offshore drilling ban blockage?  If you are smart enough to realize that it was America's sidekick, Great Britain, then you win a pat on the back.

So now onto the good news, the Chilean Miners are free.  Hells fuggin yeaaaa, I was really rootin' for those crazy baastards.  What a feel good story, I can't wait for the movie.