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October 15, 2010

Sensitive?? Who? Me?

Today, I got censored by a friend on Facebook after posting the "Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Bullshit" article on her page.  She said that "we have to be sensitive to people who have survived."  In my past life, I may have agreed with that, but as the title of this website should indicate, sensitivity really is not my strong suit nor my concern. Actually, I believe that sensitivity leads to censorship which eventually quashes free speech and debate, leading to a much more accepting and ignorant society in the long term.

      Without slappin' article links around, a few points that I am trying to make regarding Breast Cancer Awareness Month are:

1) It was started by a company that not only contributed to its increased prevalence in modern society through their production of pollutants but also had a financial incentive and stake in increased detection because they  manufactured the most-prescribed treatment drugs for the condition that they are marketing;

2) The "early detection method" that is promoted is mammography, which many studies prove can cause more harm than good due to the flattening of the breast, the radiation exposure, and the inherent sensitivity of the breast to the combination of flattening and radiation. Furthermore, studies indicate that cases of breast cancer are in existence for an average of 8 years before a mammogram can detect it and that over 80% of breast cancer cases are discovered by the woman herself. To continue, mammogram machines are produced by large corporations (GE), who own or manage countless media outlets, and therefore have a stake in propagating fear to herd people to their local mammogram machines. Lastly, misdiagnosis and therefore, further testing and unneeded and harmful treatment, is far too prevalent in the breast cancer industry. Eighty percent of the million breast biopsies performed each year in the US, because of a suspicious mammography, are negative. Why, then, does mainstream medicine (and media) keep recommending mammograms? A $100 mammogram for all 62 million U.S. women over 40, and a $1,000+ biopsy for 1- to 2-million women, is an $8 billion per year industry. There are detection alternatives, including some thermology, sonogram, and blood tests alternatives, but the media and medical industry have ailed to educate women about the alternatives, making mammography the most prevalent - and arguable only - method used; and

3) Women should familiarize themselves with their own bodies rather than depending on profit-driven fear mongers who are actually striving to cause (and diagnose) cancer so that they can thereafter treat it with their expensive drugs and machines. The problem is in the detection, and the treatment choices made thereafter are an entirely separate consideration. Its a cycle of over-diagnosis and over-treatment, a cycle that big pharma and the health care industry depend upon entirely for their continued prosperity.

     There is much more that can be said on this issue, but as has always been the goal of FugginSuggin.com, I strive and hope that one day people will question everything that they were ever told was true, and utilize the amount of information available to them (while it is still available) to do their own research and independent thought.