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October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday John Lennon

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace."~ John Lennon

     John Lennon would have turned 71 years old today if he were still alive, but despite his love for peace and humanity, he was brutally murdered on December 8, 1980 in front of his New York apartment building where he and Yoko Ono lived.

Mark David Chapman shot Lennon in the back four times at the entrance to the building.  Chapman is still alive and serving time at Attica Correctional Facility near Buffalo, NY, where he gets to spend much of his time outside his cell and even enjoys 2 conjugal visits a year with his wife.    

John Lennon shared his birthday with his son, Sean, from his marriage with Yoko Ono.  Happy Birthday Sean Lennon

"Possession isn't nine-tenths of the law. It's nine-tenths of the problem."~ John Lennon