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September 8, 2010

Running Through the News

Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, says his fighters are winning the war in Afghanistan and called on President Barack Obama to withdraw the U.S. troops "unconditionally and as soon as possible," stating that the U.S. led campaign has been "a complete failure."  The U.S. led wars in the Middle East have done nothing much than to strengthen the cause and resiliency of the "Islamic extremists."

At least 14 people have been killed in two suspected U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal region, near the border with Afghanistan, where officials suspected Taliban forces were housed.  These sketchy drones are also patrolling the U.S./Mexico border.  The Predator drone is made by General Atomics.   

Despite an "official end of combat" in Iraq, two American soldiers were killed and 9 other wounded when an Iraqi soldier fired upon the group of soldiers after an argument.  The attacker was eventually shot dead.  More news from Iraq as Iraqi officials say at least six people have been killed and 35 others wounded in two separate attacks in Baghdad.  Unless the United States and Iraq forge a new agreement, all U.S. troops are scheduled to depart Iraq by the end of 2011.

Twelve American soldiers face trial over an secret "kill team" that allegedly blew up and shot Afghan civilians at random and collected their fingers as trophies.

This month, officials from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), armed with fingerprinting machines, iris scanners and cameras hooked to laptops, will fan out across the towns and villages of southern Andhra Pradesh state in the first phase of the project whose aim is to give every Indian (1.2 billion) a lifelong Unique ID (UID) number.   This is causing fears about loss of privacy.

There have been a lot of talks about Iran's nuclear program, but why hasn't anyone mentioned Egypt?  The country will begin building its first nuclear power plant by the end of the year.

Peacekeeping official admits UN response to rape attacks on 242 women was 'not adequate' and led to 'brutalisation'.

The Ground Zero mosque debate fueled by right-wing jergoffs is making Americans look like prejudice fueled bigots abroad.  The Quran burning news is doing nothing to help our image.

BP has released a report concluding that the oil spill was caused by several factors and concluded that  multiple countries are to blame for the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

Can Magic Mushrooms ease anxiety in late stage cancer?   That's what researchers at UCLA are saying.

Don't let big media scare you with all the Flu propaganda this "flu season."  Fight against mandatory vaccines

So what has become of the "American Dream," if the rest of the world is looking at our country as the "American Nightmare"?  Speculation is that the United States is on the brink of becoming a Third World country.  Check out the description of the new phenomenon called the "new poor," straight out of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

That's all for now.  Check back for updates.