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September 7, 2010

Fugg You Litterbugs!!

Throughout the summer, I've been walking around and biking from place to place more than driving in my car.  In doing so, I am constantly upset by the amount of litter all over the place, especially in many of the beach and tourist communities.  What the hell is wrong with people?  Stop littering!!  Save your fuggin garbage until you find a trash can and throw it out.  Those of you who do not litter, if you see someone doing so, shame them.  Embarrass them!  Explain to them that the world is not their trash can.  It is here for all of us to appreciate, and by littering, you're fuggin up the place for everyone else.  Litterers, you are the worst, and what you are doing is terribly wrong. 

Local police also need to step up the enforcement of anti-litter laws.  These tail-chasin' cops need to stop strolling the beaches looking for T&A and start policing the walkways and issuing litter citations.

So litterers, if I see you, you will face an encounter that will not be pleasant, but hopefully will be enlightening to you.  Anti-litterers, let it be known that we won't just stand by and watch people pollute our streets and communities.  Those of you who have been picking up after these shitbags and shaming them when you can, good job, keep up the good work.