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September 12, 2010

Brazil Day Quick Rundown

Hey all, I'm out and about enjoying Brazil Day (street fair celebrating Brazil's Independence Day), so here is my quick rundown of stories:

Puerto Rico is embarking on a test project for converting algae to oil as part of a campaign to lessen the U.S. territory's dependence on expensive imported oil.

Secrecy and greed are polluting the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the nation’s first mandatory cap-and-trade system.  Under the RGGI scheme, the smell of profiteering is powerful.  New Jersey and nine other Northeast states have sold $662 million in carbon dioxide permits since 2008.

At least three Palestinians have been killed by tank fire near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Why does the US government think burning Qurans is less civilised than drone attacks on civilian populations?

Baghdad to pay compensation to US citizens who say they were abused by former Iraqi regime in run-up to 1990 Gulf War

    Federal and state investigators say the section of natural gas pipeline that ruptured and exploded in a deadly fireball near San Francisco had been categorized as high risk because it ran through a highly populated area.

    Proving that Iraq’s army faces a long road ahead before it can stand on its own, American troops joined the Iraqis in battle on Sunday in fighting off a bruising Sunni insurgency.

    Essayist and popular cultural critique, Camille Paglia, took some shots at entertainer and provocateur Lady Gaga in the Sunday Times today.  She fails to mention that Lady Gaga is an Illuminati puppet.  

     Check out 34th President, Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1961 farewell speech where he warns of military factions.  You were right on, Ike.