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August 26, 2010

What's Going On In The World Today?

In response to critics, we at FugginSuggin.com decided to mix up the format of the posts.  Basically, due to the fact that there are too many stories and not enough writers, every once in awhile we are going to do a post summarizing interesting topics within the news, with commentary of course.  These news rundowns will go a little something like this...

Bad Analogy, Sir.  Nice outfit though.  First up, let's talk about all the media reaction to the issue of putting a mosque next to Ground Zero, OH NOOOOO!  In a country where freedom of religion is guaranteed in the First Amendment to our Constitution, everyone is up in arms over a mosque being built in New York City huh?  For all you dopes, bigots, and/or misinformed out there, let me explain something to you,  the tragedies of September 11, 2001 did not occur due to the inherent evilness of the Muslim religion, despite what you've heard on Fox News.  What happened on 9/11/01 was a result of our foreign policy in the Middle East, particularly our unconditional support of Israel at the detriment of Palestinians.  I could go further and say that maybe, just maybe, if there is a group of elites in charge or world affairs, politics, etc., 9/11 was part of a war against religion and privacy rights, opening the door for a never ending war that will lead the way to a world government.  Who knows?  It's alllll just speculation!!  Regardless, let's not act like animals and beat up cabbies over the possibility of a mosque in downtown Manhattan.  If anything, those pissed about the Mosque should take it up with City Hall.  We don't see parents beating up Catholics when they put churches next to elementary schools, do we

Haven't heard too much about the oil spill since mid-July when we were all told that leak was capped.  Besides the attention President Obama and family received during their one day vacay to the Gulf Region, there has not been too much talk about the spill, its effects, etc. At least he went swimming and ate the shrimp.  Oh, and where is all the cleanup waste being dumped??  On a side note, watch the HBO Documentary, "Gasland," when you get a chance.  The gas and oil industry need self regulation?  Are you kidding me?  They need a conscience and a foot up their ass.

Is Vladimir Putin really shooting a crossbow at a gray whale as a masculinity promotion??  WTFugg?? Oh, he's a real man's man isn't he?  Douche. 


 HAAAA, our government is wasting time and money to charge Roger Clemens over claims that he lied to Congress about using steroids and performance enhancing drugs during his years in the MLB.   What a waste of time and money.  We should let these overpaid sports stars earn their ridiculous salaries by forcing them to roid up.  Let's make the pitching mound further away, extend the outfield some and make this game entertaining.  No seriously though, I had a Clemens jersey when I was younger, being that I'm a Yankees fan and "the Rocket" was a Yankees' hero.  Although disappointing that he may have used roids, I don't really care enough that I'd want to see taxpayer dollars used to pay for a criminal case against the man.  C'monnn.

Former Senator Ted Stevens, the longest serving Republic Senator, died in a plane crash in Alaska this summer.  I did not hear all that much analysis and attention going into this story by the mainstream media, and frankly, the whole crash seems sketchy.

More news on Wikileaks today.  Check it out.  

Kim Jong-il is taking a trip to China.  The United States is supplying the Taiwan air force with radar equipment.  The tension between China and the U.S. is surely escalating. 

A United Nations top Congo official recently explained that the U.N. was not told about the mass gang rapes occurring in the region.  Hey buddy, read the fuggin news once in awhile.  An April 2010 article in the BBC stated that, "Last year alone the UN says more than 5,000 people were raped in South Kivu."  Actually, read your own press releases, you don't even have to read the news.  Most of it's BS anyway. 

Last and certainly least, I'm sick and fuggin tired of hearing about "The Jersey Shore."  Seriously, this is getting embarrassing  America.  Being from New Jersey, I particularly dislike the show since every time I tell someone that I'm from Jersey, the reaction is "like The Jersey Shore."  No, not like that at all.  Those idiots are mostly from Staten Island, for the record. 

Do something nice for someone today.  There can be such a thing as altruism.  Love you all.