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August 27, 2010

"I hope that I don't sound too insane when I say there is darkness all around us" ~ The Avett Brothers

Oh yeaa!!!, more news about Levi Johnston, the former-fiance of Sarah Palin's eldest, Bristol (and former cover boy of Playgirl and future reality television star).  This guy is a jergoff trying to squeeze all he can out of his 15 minutes, but never mind him, let's talk about the status of our country.  We Americans are the ones that have given our attention over to the Palin family.  Our mindlessness is what has allowed Bristol Palin (and the Situation from the Jersey Shore) to make millions by joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars.  We will all be watching them dance, each episode earning more just in that night than most of the viewers will make in a year.  Many of us will probably be voting also.  Fugg you if that is you.  Fugg you more if you voted for her mother.  
In a struggling economy and in a country on the brink of financial meltdown, with many states, cities, and towns close to bankruptcy, we have permitted people like Bristol Palin and the Situation to earn millions in American currency by learning to dance on television.  I have to pay a pretty penny to learn to dance (I'd love to learn the Tango).   Reports even show that the bad economy is the reason U.S. birth rates are at a new low.

Okay moving away from the progeny and to the ultimate reason Levi and Bristol are in the limelight,  there should be an in depth investigation on how Sarah Palin was even chosen as John McCain's running mate in 2008.  Seriously, I'd like a transcript of discussions regarding the vice-president nominee for the Republican Party.  To me, it seems as if the choice was made because John McCain was getting too close to Obama in the polls and the Powers That Be made the decision to shoot McCain in the foot and eliminate his chances altogether.  There is NO other rational explanation for the decision to run Palin as the vice-president nominee.  Seriously, look at her background and explain to me what experience she has for the position of Commander in Chief of the United States.  Also, released today, check out her $75k speaking contract that some students pulled out of the trash prior to her speaking engagement at a California state university.  Okay, enough about the Palins, as far too much attention has been spent on them as is, let's move on to more stupid expenditures by the state of California.

 A $500 Million-plus public school in Los Angeles????  WHAAAAT?  Hey, maybe its just my ignorance about how a state's budget works, but isn't the State of California in a financial crisis?? Please, someone explain this to me, as I do not understand this.  Well if a state run university will spend $75k for that egghead Palin to do a speech, why not spend a half billion dollars on a high school?

So there was salmonella in the chicken feed which led to the contaminated eggs?  My hypothesis was that it was due to the inherent horrors of a chicken farm that cages their chickens.  Watch the mainstream documentary, Food, Inc., for more on the horrific conditions that animals face in the food production industry.  The contaminated eggs are reportedly coming from two separate Iowa farms.  The two farms involved have a history of violations.  Despite the fact that the eggs come from only two farms, the recall is in the excess of 500 million eggs that encompass a multitude of brands, so be careful with your eggs (and other foods that they are yet to realize are affected).  Actually, how about you spend an extra dollar or two and get organic eggs (and chicken, produce, etc.) from cage-free, free range chickens.  If you are buying products from farmers who mistreat and abuse their animals and feed them poisons and cheap feed, you are complicit in the abuse, and subsequently consuming the poisons that they were shot up with and fed.   Oh, on a related note, if you work for a company that does evil shit, you are complicit in that too.  Speaking of evil companies, these poor Chilean miners see no rescue in sight!!

Kudos to Jimmy Carter for making up for lost time.  At least somebody is doing something other than vacationing

Despite what they're telling you, the oil is not gone from the Gulf and effects of the disaster will surely be seen for some time to come.  Watch out for media PROPAGANDA campaigns.

I do agree with the campaign to eliminate the use of plastic bags, although the environmental effort should encompass many more products than just plastic bags.    Check out "The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary."  It's short, interesting, and artsy. 

Okay all - enjoy your Friday (TGIF) and have a great weekend.  Hit me up tomorrow for more.  Did you do something nice for someone yesterday like we talked about???  Well, try again today.  Love you all.  Stay positive inside despite the negativity all around you.