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August 30, 2010

Case of the Mondays: A FugginSuggin News Rundown

President Obama spoke from the White House Rose Garden today on the issue of the struggling economy and his message called for Republicans to stop obstructing economic recovery initiatives.  This is the problem with our country, the two party system inherently pits each party against the other with the media working to strengthen the divide, and nothing gets done in Congress anymore.    Maybe President Obama should use some of his famous loquaciousness that got him into office and meet with Congress more and work out legislation (like FDR did with the New Deal) instead of pointing fingers and driving the wedge deeper between Republicans and Democrats.

It's great how mainstream news media is keeping its readers updated on the 33 trapped Chilean miners by discussing their "spirits."  I'm happy to hear that they're maintaining their sanity, but you don't have to show everyone how much you care by reporting about them everyday when there is nothing to report. 

President Barack Obama will sign an executive order today mandating new financial sanctions on North Korea, just days after North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il returned from a surprising trip to ChinaRumor has it that Jong-il's trip may have been to discuss a change in leadership for North Korea.  The 68 year old Jong-il may be stepping down and putting his youngest son in charge

Iranian news has branded France's first lady, Carla Bruni, a "prostitute" after Ms. Bruni expressed support for the Iranian woman facing death by stoning for adultery.  That's not nice.  She looks like a sweet lady to me :)))

Israel and Palestine reopen peace talks this Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas set to meet with President Barack Obama.  Palestinians don't seem too optimistic about the meeting.  

The latest installment in the “Medal of Honor” video game franchise has sparked controversy by allowing gamers to play as Taliban fighters against American troops.  This article was on Army Times.  I think they are the only ones that care.

With the combat mission in Iraq set to come to an official end tomorrow, I'd like everyone to try and avoid the sure to come propaganda that the war was a success on some level.  Check out a recent article from an Iraqi online news source to see a voice of an actually Iraqi civilian.

Good ole VP Joe Biden made an unannounced trip to Iraq, ahead of the Change of Command and Change of Mission Ceremony there, scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Hurricane Earl is coming and it may have the East Coast in its sights.

Roger Clemens pleaded "Not Guilty" today to federal perjury charges.  Like I've said, this is such a waste of taxpayer money.

Talk about perjury charges, Federal Chairman Ben Bernanke will testify this week about his role in the bank bailouts that sent billions of taxpayer dollars to banks deemed "too big to fail."  Whatever he says is bullshit.  End the Federal Reserve.  They killed Kennedy, you know that right?

A French skyscraper climber nicknamed "Spiderman" was arrested Monday after scaling a 57-story building in Sydney (in 20 minutes) with his bare hands and no ropes.  His name is Alain Robert, and he is pretty awesome.

Glenn Beck was wearing a bullet-proof vest at his "Restoring Honor" rally this passed weekend.  That was probably a good idea although any would be assassin would probably be a Beck fan.   There was an estimated 87,000 in attendance at Beck's rally, a far cry from the 300-400,000 that was originally reported

FDA Inspectors are finding some nasty shit at egg farms.  Cage free organic is the way to go. 

CNN reports that mental health professionals say that more and more children are receiving diagnoses of and treatment for bipolar disorder, and at younger ages.  This is not surprising as the pharmaceutical companies are constantly wooing doctors and doctors respond by over prescribing.  How many people do you know that are on ADD medication or antidepressants?  Hey, if you think your child has bipolar disorder, try not allowing the kid to have any sugar for a few days.  The mood swings are probably caused by sugar highs and the crashes that follow. 

Was Abe Lincoln really a huge racist??  Probably, the rest of them were.   

If our lives are just fiction, we should all enjoy them to the fullest.  Enjoy the rest of your day my beautiful readers.  It is a wonderful world.