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June 20, 2010

Circle Of Life

Despite the immense devastation, I do believe that the Gulf oil disaster presents us with an opportunity to move forward.  While all-inclusive indoor farming may be a depressing replacement, I (maybe ignorantly) recommend an aqua farm initiative for the states effected by the spill.  Here, in San Diego, one such farm has been successful in farming a system of self-contained, interconnected hydroponic vegetable beds and Tilapia.  Despite the criticisms of fish farming (high concentrations of fish in a tank may cause disease or fin damage, may breed sea lice, etc), aqua farming seems to be an innovative alternative to simply abandoning farming and fishing initiatives in their entirety -- or worse yet, continuing to feast upon the oil ridden produce.  So, sell your boats, sell your land, build an energy efficient, solar-run farm warehouse, and get that rolling, ya hear, because, at the rate we're going, that thing could be gushing for another two to four years.