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June 20, 2010

11 U.S. Warships Head To Red Sea

Egypt has reportedly permitted at least one Israeli and eleven American warships to enter the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.  This manpower appears to be preparation for a response to Iran's flotilla, which is heading to the Gaza stripWith a new line of sanctions being imposed on Iran, the American warships may be there merely for insurance, but its likely more an indication of the inevitable all out fuggin war in the Middle East.  Surely, twelve warships are not needed for the U.N. Aid Cargo that is scheduled to go to Gaza.  Shit will surely be hitting the fan soon unless some peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict is reached, and it does not seem likely that peace will be the outcome. 

Also related to this story, the German Development Aid Minister, Dirk Niebel, was denied admittance to the Gaza strip by Israeli officials on Saturday night.  Skedge.