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May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco De Mayo! From Victory To Debauchery!

Ahh....Cinco de Mayo...a day to don a sombrero, sip on margs, eat a burrito, dance La Curcaracha, and soak up some sweet Mexican-style sun!

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated to commemorate Mexico's stunning underdog victory over the French in the year 1862....well, it's celebrated here, in the US, but hardly even recognized in Mexico outside of the state of Puebla.

Don't you love how eager we as Americans are to celebrate the diversity of our citizens that we take time on May 5 to drunkenly cheers the Mexican heritage that we have so warmly and fondly embraced?!  Well, despite this being a prototypical Americanized, capitalistic commercialization of Mexico's bloody victory 158 years ago, I encourage everyone to take a moment today to realize and actually appreciate the contributions of our neighbor south of the border.