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April 26, 2010

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Consists of a Bunch of Fuggin Jergoffs

Over 30 SEC employees and officers, many of them senior officials, have been accused of downloading, viewing, and in one case, even uploading internet porn while at work.  I am pretty sure it is not all men either.  Furthermore, in researching the allegations against SEC staffers, one attorney at the SEC is cited as putting in full 8 hour days of porn viewing.  Check out the list of porn sites linked to SEC staffers.  These guys need to keep their dicks in their pants while at work and at least maintain the image that they are trying to monitor big business and do something productive. 

Although, yes, this SEC story is humorous,  in reality, it is sick that this is the group responsible for overseeing the big players on Wall Street and assuring compliance with Federal Regulation.  This is completely shameful, and we should all be embarrassed as Americans, especially in light of the undetected crimes that occur daily on Wall Street.