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April 15, 2010

Let's Just Say, "Organic" Means (Mostly) Poison-Free

I know its a strange word: "organic," but it's a lot simpler than you'd think.   If you buy organic bread, then bleach was not used to whiten the flour, and you will not consume the same thing you wash your toilet with.  If you purchase organic fruits and vegetables, then you will not be consuming genetically modified foods or mass amounts of pesticides.  If you eat organic meats, well then you will not be eating meat from an animal that was pumped with hormones, antibiotics, etc. etc. etc. 

When was it that "traditional" or "conventional" agriculture began to encompass genetic modification, hormones and pesticides? I'm not really sure who anyone is trying to fool by saying that "traditional" agriculture has provided our (obese) country with "a very safe and very low-cost food supply." Safe? I think not.

The First Lady, on her zealous mission to end childhood obesity, has aligned her campaign with organic and local farmers in an attempt to bring sexy back -- er, healthy eating back to the table. With news from the UK that organic foods took a big hit during the declining economy of 2009,  the USDA is (allegedly) making attempts to further enable and encourage the organic movement. Will organic ever be conventional?  Less than 100 years ago (and throughout time beforehand), it was.

Many argue that organic food is too expensive.  Hopefully, the USDA's actions can assist in raising awareness (and understanding) of the benefits of organic food/products, maybe even making organic products more widely available than they are today.  Maybe people will realize that consuming products filled with chemicals is not in their best interest, and more will turn toward organic products.  Maybe then, the market will adjust and prices will decline.  Wow, that's what it is like to be an optimist, huh?  Nah, all you fatties will keep eating your fast food and chemical-filled products.  God forbid you drink water instead of high-fructose corn syrup-filled drinks.  You fuggin sugg.  Go for a run.  Eat a banana.

Regardless, the organic food industry needs to better market themselves for the dopes of this world.  For those of you who do not know what organic food is, please read the wikipedia article at the very least.