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April 19, 2010

In-fuggin-credible - Airlines Seek Bailout Over Volcano Disruption

Eleven U.K. Airline carriers are joining forces to seek compensation for the monetary losses attributed to the Icelandic volcano.   Don't these companies have some kind of insurance??  It's incredible how some big corporations think that they should be reimbursed for such incidents when the average person or company faces the same losses without any possible recourse.

So many have been effected by this volcano.   British Airways and the ten other airlines seeking a bailout are not the only ones facing losses at the hands of Volcano Eyjafjallajökull: UPS and Delta were hit hard; the European stock market dropped; NYC is set to lose out on an estimated $250 million in tourist revenue; flower growers in Kenya had to throw away tons of flowers; European sporting events came to a standstill; the Iron Man 2 premier had to be moved; professional wrestling had to change its schedule; and even California's Coachella Festival lost a bunch of acts.  Worst of all,  millions of everyday people are stranded and losing money because of it.

Where do these airlines get off?  Oh right, they're just following the path that the U.S. Government paved when they bailed out the banks.  Hey, if the banks that caused the financial meltdown can get bailed out back then, why not the innocent airlines now?  Alright, there's a long history in the United States of bailouts prior to the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, and I'm sure many of those were shady too.