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April 20, 2010

As Educators Lose Out, The Fat Cat Gains

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has promoted decreasing school budgets and forcing teachers to take a pay freeze in the weeks leading up to a statewide school budget vote set to take place today.  For Big Chris, educating the state's children is not as important as giving jobs out to his friends.  Christie's payroll is spending approximately $2 million more on annual salaries for the governor's administration, all the while proposing mass layoffs and budget cuts that would hurt many of his fellow New Jerseyans.

Why discuss one lone governor?  Well, besides the fact that NJ is my home state and many of my best friends are public school teachers there, this government hypocrisy of cutting budgets and promoting layoffs to save money, and thereafter using that money to line the pockets of the bureaucracy is far too common and accepted by Americans.  It's terrible that we live in a such a society where acts of elitism are cherished and worshiped to the degree that they are.  What happened to  politicians like JFK that stood by their convictions and donated their whole salary to charityToday, politicians are treated like royalty.  Sickening.