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March 8, 2010

First Black Director, First Female Director, Or One of These Three White Assholes?

Although I understand celebrating the disintegration of racial/gender barriers in any realm of life due to the U.S. history of prejudice, I felt that the Academy Awards, by referencing race and gender repeatedly during the "Best Director" category, continued the line-drawing and stigmatizing that is the root of discriminatory thinking. 

Taking a similar role as the media did during the Obama/Hillary primaries, the Academy made clear the fact that two of the directors nominated for the coveted "Best Director" award were part of a protected class, a group that due to our country's history of prejudice and discrimination, have been pushed out of the profession due to such prejudice.  Although it should be mentioned, upon winning, that this is the first _____ director to win such an honor, it should not have been repeated throughout the show.  Furthermore, if you are going to embrace such distinction, at least give a montage explaining the discrimination that kept such protected classes out of the running for so long.