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February 2, 2010

UPDATED - U.S./Iran Conflict Coming Closer to Fruition?

With the U.S. endeavoring to impose sanctions over Iran's nuclear projects, Iranian leaders are calling for protests on the February 11 anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran is concerned that the U.S. is shipping missiles and ships to neighboring countries so that they can "protect" themselves from possible Iranian aggressions.  It appears as if the U.S. is coming closer to a military conflict with Iran.  Violence in the Middle East is obviously escalating, as evidenced by the continuing proliferation of violent acts each day -- 54 were killed just today by a suicide bomber in Iraq.  Hopefully the U.S. will follow the trend they began with NASA -- in letting the private sector take the reigns (since they're the primary benefactors anyways) -- in its approach to war

While duly noting the alleged DOJ investigation of Blackwater (now known as Xe Services, L.L.C.), it seems as if the U.S. has been increasingly outsourcing what were once solely government run ventures.  I'd like to see this trend continue if we move forward in Iran, as it is outrageously immoral to send U.S. troops to lose their lives for the purposes and benefit of private organizations (i.e., Halliburton).  With Obama's new budget doing nothing to decrease military spending (military spending budget is actually increased and the Market reacted accordingly), there is obviously no hope for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Middle East any time soon.