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January 31, 2010

You Are Fuggin Suggin - Man Of The Week

The Fuggin Suggin Man of the Week is Silvio Berlusconi! Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi arrives in Israel on Monday for a three-day visit.  Regardless, this article has been linked merely as an aside so that I may draw attention to the alleged misdeeds of Mr. Berlusconi

My issue with Mr. Berlusconi began on December 5th of this past year: As I was walking through Times Square, I was approached by a group of Italians protesting the tenure of Berlusconi as Prime Minister in what they labeled a worldwide "No Berlusconi Day."  I found it amazing to see a group of twenty to thirty Italians protesting in the middle of Times Square.  One of the young ladies (italiana) explained to me that Berlusconi was so powerful in Italy because he owns and controls much of the Italian news media and has links to organized crime (as well as to his own personal harem).  Not wanting to take her words as fact without resort to my own independent research, I got her contact information (Facebook).  I eventually contacted la italiana on the day Berlusconi was attacked in Milan.  She had not heard of the news prior to my contact because it was not broadcast in Italy!

      It has come time that people take a hard look at the corruption that takes place on a worldwide level.  Prime Minister Berlusconi should be in jail over bribe charges, and yet he has used his position of power to grant himself immunity.   Magistrates walked out of courts across Italy yesterday in protest of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's judicial overhauls.  Berlusconi, you are fuggin suggin.